Album Review: The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Galore (Church Road Records)

Galore is the third studio album from British rockers, The St Pierre Snake Invasion. The follow-up to 2019’s smash-hit, Caprice Enchante, it will be released on April 21st, 2023, via Church Road Records.

It’s a damn good day when you have fresh music from The St Pierre Snake Invasion to listen to. The sun shines, the breeze is warm, and you’ll feel like you don’t have a care in the world. Such is the quality that The St Pierre Snake Invasion has to offer on Galore. A serious contender for album of the year and certainly in the conversation surrounding their best work.

What works so well on this album is the combination of raucous rockiness, abrasive rhythms, dramatic melodies, and blistering heavy intensity. Sometimes all within the same track. It’s unusual sounding music that keeps you guessing constantly. It really doesn’t get any more exciting than this and by the end there will be no complaints.

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How could there be when a track like Kracked Velvet hits so hard with a medley of chaotic instrumentation and vocal power? Or Midas’ crashing drumbeats, wacked out melodies, and dreamy vocals enthrals? The first two tracks on this album are exceptionally strong and make it perfectly clear that this is no ‘run of the mill’ rock release.

The excellence continues into the metallic fierceness of Submechano, the heart-racing building danger of the title track, and the noisy crash and bang of To Sleep Well. The coarse instrumentation playing off the drawling clean vocals perfectly. The moment where mild melody explodes into wild heaviness is simply wonderful.

Then there is Every Sun, a track that is one of the most chaotically energetic of all and it slays. If there’s one track you play someone to show them just how great this album is, this might be it.

There’s no drop off either as the album reaches it latter stages. The St Pierre Snake Invasion smashing expectations and presumptions with the erratic intensity of The Overlook, the melancholic moodiness of Apex Party, the thrill ride that is That There’s Fighting Talk, and the rocking infectiousness of I Pray to Liars. A bevy of original and creative ideas, The St Pierre Snake Invasion have absolutely smashed it here.

The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Galore Track Listing:

1. Kracked Velvet
2. Midas
3. Submechano
4. Galore
5. To Sleep Well
6. Every Sun
7. The Overlook
8. Apex Party
9. That There’s Fighting Talk
10. I Pray to Liars


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The St Pierre Snake Invasion - Galore (Church Road Records)
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