Album Review: The Scalar Process – Coagulative Matter (Transcending Obscurity Records)

French technical death metal band The Scalar Process have put together a full-length album imbibing everything about the tech-death style and keeping a human element to not render it too mechanical. It will be released on February 19th 2021 via Transcending Obscurity Records.

2021 is proving to be a strong year so far for technical death metal and the bar has been set high as we reach the middle of February. Throwing their considerable weight into the ring, the French behemoth that is The Scalar Process want all attention to be on them. With an album as violently scarring as Coagulative Matter, it’s hard to ignore them.

Leaning into a thumping and bone-crunching style of percussion while having the guitars wielded like blades and the vocals like salt in the wounds. This is a painful listen but one that is more than bearable thanks to some unique melody-driven moments that break up the constant crunch of heavy instrumentation.

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Though there are very few complaints to be had in regards to the heavy technicality that is on show here. The Scalar Process take things to deep and dark places, rarely lifting things out of the shadows. If and when they do, it is often into an explosive flurry of riffing, soloing or hyper-fast drumming.

Perhaps the best thing about Coagulative Matter though is how it has complexities and layers in all the instrumentation, but it never overshadows the brutality of the death metal. Often, it’s all about head-banging and then suddenly, the brain picks up a bit of shredding, a wild back and forth of riffing or a chugging slab of grimy groove. The ‘wow’ moments on an album that consistently delivers them.

The Scalar Process – Coagulative Matter Full Track Listing:

1. Elevation
2. Cosmic Flow
3. Ink Shadow
4. Celestial Existence
5. Mirror Cognition
6. Poisoned Fruit
7. Azimuth
8. Beyond the Veil of Consciousness
9. Ouroboros
10. Coagulative Matter
11. Somnambulation


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The Scalar Process - Coagulative Matter (Transcending Obscurity Records)
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