Album Review: The Run Up – In Motion (Real Ghost Records)

Bristol-based punk band, The Run Up will release their second full-length record In Motion on October 3rd 2019.

Featuring singer Larry Bernhard, guitarists Charlie Parsons and Lawrence Nelson, bassist Daniel Baker, and drummer Stu Lloyd, The Run Up formed as friends in their hometown of Bristol in 2014.

The new album, In Motion, screams progression in the band’s journey.

It’s by far the best thing I have been part of, admits bassist Daniel. It’s also been the most natural and easy to write. Nothing was forced.

The band has been constantly touring for the two years, and it shows the band has grown together.

Most of the lyrics on the album are about changes in peoples’ lives and what we all sacrifice for the kind of life we want – or think we want at the time. We’ve been doing this band for the best part of 5 years and have been through some pretty big things and at times this band has been a steady source of calm and a great outlet for words, energy, and feelings, singer Larry reflects.

In Motion will be released by Real Ghost Records and Gunner Records in the EU and Get Party Records, La Escalera Records, Money Pit Music, Swamp Cabbage Records and &Vinyl Records in North America.

There is so much to love here. An album of rawness, dripping in punk spirit and rockier melodies that give it weight and meaning. It sounds and feels personal, as though The Run Up had to make this record no matter what.

Keeping things rooted in the underground, the album is a bit rough around the edges but it works so damn well. Especially with a vocal style that is clean but gruff as hell. Showcased wonderfully on Portraits and backed up by the excellently catchy Grip. An opening duo that gets things started very well.

Your Omission is very heartfelt, the strum of guitars working absolute wonders on the emotions. While the more action-packed Discretion excites in its verses but touches the soul in the chorus. A special track, one that The Run Up can proudly display as a proper showcase of what they’re capable of.

…but hey, maybe what you want is high-tempo punkier numbers though? Well, worry not. The Run Up have plenty of them in the bag too. Check is very bouncy but also has a bit more venom in the rhythm, Light It Up is short and to the point…a sharp point while the band titled track, is a wicked effort that takes the best of punk and rock to create a really memorable listen.

It all culminates in the rain-drenched finale of ADAC, occasional rays of the sun breaking through the clouds but unrelentingly introspective. An exceptionally good song to end on and the perfect capping off of a really damn good album.

The Run Up – In Motion Full Track Listing:

1. Portraits
2. Grip
3. Your Omission
4. Discretion
5. Sunsets
6. Check
7. Sticky
8. Shields Up
9. Shady
10. Light It Up
11. The Run Up
12. ADAC


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The Run Up - In Motion (Real Ghost Records)
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