Album Review: The Rocket – Another Reason Not to Fear the Sky (Self Released)

Synth-pop punk band, The Rocket’s upcoming album ‘Another Reason Not to Fear the Sky’ will be out on April 26th 2018!

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It might not be anything unique but The Rocket’s combination of upbeat synth-pop punk is music that will put a big old smile on faces. It’s an album of feel good tunes kicking off with the bounce of Focus and Lost at Sea. The punk-rock riffs and vocals are great but what really turns the songs and album up another notch are the injections of synth. Imaginative and so much fun.

Far to many people turn their nose up at modern pop-punk as it’s a sub-genre that has been hurt by laziness and a fanbase that get rabid over specific bands to the point of annoyance. Picking the good out of a raft of bad is not an easy task and many won’t even bother. It means the likes of The Rocket get missed and that is a real pity seeing as Another Reason Not to Fear the Sky is great from beginning to end.

Even the tracks like Crash and Tsunami that don’t make quite as much impact are head and shoulders over many others. The most sour-faced metalhead in the world would be fighting the urge to tap their foot along to the likes of Chain Reaction, Throwaway and Hey Charlotte.

This is the soundtrack to summer. The soundtrack to good times with loved ones.

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The Rocket – Another Reason Not to Fear the Sky Full Track Listing:

1. Focus
2. Lost at Sea
3. Broken
4. Crash
5. Chain Reaction
6. Die A Little
7. Tsunami
8. Shadow (featuring Justin and Josh)
9. Throwaway
10. Hey Charlotte
11. Postcard

Order the album here in a number of different formats and find out more via Facebook and Instagram.


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The Rocket - Another Reason Not to Fear the Sky (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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