Album Review: The Risen Dread – Night Hag (Self Released)

Irish quartet The Risen Dread have had a busy few years. Since forming in 2018, the band were invited to support Malevolent Creation, embarked on their own headline European tour and during the pandemic allocated time to finish their debut album ‘Night Hag’ which is set for release on January 28th, 2022.

A concept album surrounding mental illness, The Risen Dread’s debut album has been a long time coming. The unit have taken their time to ensure the end result is as blisteringly heavy, as utterly intense and as groove infused as possible. An 11-track skull-buster of an album, the group dig deep to unleash a ferocious and hellacious heavy metal sound. One that has strong groove metal blended with crunchy metalcore and traditional heavier influences.

Add the crunchy and crushing tempos with a talent for expelling rage into listenable music, then throw in the album themes that will certainly hit harder for some, and you have an album that slams into you like a tidal wave.

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A trio of beastly blows with Psychoses, Silent Disease and Bury Me gets things started with a grimace. The groovy riff work, the thumping drumbeats and scornful vocal style get the neck muscles working immediately. Hell, you might find yourself needing a rest already after this opening triple-hitter.

No rest for the wicked though as Obsession goes stompy as hell and Sound of the Unknown has the guitars and vocals absolutely slaying it. Both elements reaching highs that make you squeal and lows that make you gurn.

Faster and faster they go as Fallen brings forth some thrashy filth and Deceiver has The Risen Dread spit fire directly into the brain. Before one of two guests make an appearance. Up first, Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser, who provides his guitar skills on the meaty White Night. Later, composer Renato Zanuto, makes the finale of The Night Hag super-cinematic.

In between those two tracks, it’s business as usual with Coward’s 9 and Lazzaretto. If business involves bringing forth a discordant wall of heavy noise down upon the skull.

Night is a banger. One with a lot more depth than you might initially think. Memorable music with all the head-banging trappings you could dream of.

The Risen Dread – Night Hag Full Track Listing:

1. Psychoses
2. Silent Disease
3. Bury Me
4. Obsession
5. Sound of The Unknown
6. Fallen
7. Deceiver
8. White Night (feat. Andreas Kisser)
9. Coward’s 9
10. Lazzaretto
11. The Night Hag (feat. Renato Zanuto)


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The Risen Dread - Night Hag (Self Released)
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