Album Review: The Neptune Power Federation – Goodnight My Children (Cruz Del Sur Music)

Indomitable Australian rockers The Neptune Power Federation return with their sixth album, ‘Goodnight My Children’, out on March 8th, 2024, via Cruz Del Sur Music.


One of the most fun things about The Neptune Power Federation is that you never really know what you’re going to get. I mean, it will rock and it will pop, but what they’ve used as inspiration and how that will sound, is always up in the air. Thankfully, no matter what they use to be inspired by, they will always impress, and Goodnight My Children is impressive.

Themed around a collection of children’s night-time stories, delivered in a old-school rock and roll way, and controlled by the immense vocals of the Imperial Priestess, Goodnight my Children may be The Neptune Power Federation at their poppiest, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t rock too.

The guitars and drums make sure that is the case and Let Us Begin is the punk-infused rocker that everyone needs in their life right now. Though, there’s little else quite like this on the album, aside from the same kind of vitality and virulency. Lock & Key is the first full example of the lauded ‘Sunset Strip’ rock vibe that is heavily present on the majority of this album, and it is a style that suits the band to a tee.

Big riffs, emphatic soloing, hooky as hell, and with immense vocals that get weird and wonderful at the most unexpected of times.

Twas A Lie, Woe Be Father’s Troubled Mind, Betrothed to the Serpent, and Evermore… it’s infectious track after track. Notably, The Neptune Power Federation don’t sound like a tribute band to yester-year either, giving the whole album a unique spin that could only come from their creative ways. You will never be able to fully grasp what this band is capable of, until you hear them, and even then, it’s often quite baffling.

It is a lot of fun though and that continues with the extravagance of Hariette Mae, one of the most delicious examples of The Neptune Power Federation’s darker side. All while having a natural infectiousness that makes for a seriously compelling listen. Finally, it’s some hefty dramatics with the title track. The decision to layer a lot of the Imperial Priestess vocals really shines here and it results in a very big sounding ending.

Once again, The Neptune Power Federation deliver a stonkingly good release that is acutely them. Expect the unexpected with this band, and you’ll still be surprised.

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The Neptune Power Federation – Goodnight My Children Track Listing:

1. Let Us Begin
2. Lock & Key
3. Twas A Lie
4. Woe Be Father’s Troubled Mind
5. Betrothed to The Serpent
6. Evermore
7. Hariette Mae
8. Goodnight My Children


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The Neptune Power Federation - Goodnight My Children (Cruz Del Sur Music)
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