Album Review: The Last Reign – Evolution (Self Released)

Metal has long had a deep-rooted affection for science fiction, and nowhere is this clearer than in melodic death metal. While the genre is still very much an active part of the future, there are still many that long for the dizzying heights of the 90s, where melo-death evolved into a formidable beast. Speaking of evolution, one such group who bring back that same excitement of the 90s are The Last Reign, whose second album Evolution spins a grandiose tale of a concept album, four years in the making.

In the band’s own words, the record is:

About the world’s resources being long depleted sending the human race on a quest for an uncertain future.

Evolution will be released on September 18th 2020.

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How do you sell a grand idea? By beginning in majestic style which is very much what The Last Reign do with the intro/opener of Genesis. The effects-laden beginning showcasing the start of an epic and dangerous journey.

One that truly gets underway as it flows into the frantic and eloquent melo-death one-two punch of Evolution of A Dying Race and Annihilation of the Ancients. Fast, hot and heavy, there’s plenty of head-banging to be had here.

With a ton of fire and focused fury, (those drums!) Ironclad Torment kicks a ton of ass, The Hourglass has some of the album’s strongest riffs and it segues nicely into the futuristic ambience of Fallen Dark. Before The Last Reign continue their substantial thumps of melo-death with the focused fury of No Horizon. A screeching guitar solo is very, very welcome here.

No complaints either with Terminal Threshold, The Storm and Devoid, as they keep things ticking along nicely. The narrative is strong, the music putting the mind in the world The Last Reign want you to be in. One last ‘intermission’ effort with Luminosity before the tale comes to a lavish end with the marathon effort of Architects of Genocide.

The Last Reign – Evolution Full Track Listing:

1. Genesis
2. Evolution of a Dying Race
3. Annihilation of the Ancients
4. Ironclad Torment
5. The Hourglass
6. Fallen Dark
7. No Horizon
8. Terminal Threshold
9. The Storm
10. Devoid
11. Luminosity
12. Architects of Genocide




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The Last Reign - Evolution (Self Released)
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