Album Review: The Fixer – Your Lie (Self Released)

Dark. Sexy. Loud. It’s The Fixer, and they create a soundtrack that would be fit for a disco in Hell. The Canadian four-piece straddle the line between rock and metal, and they released their debut full-length album, ’Your Lie’, on November 10th, 2023.

It’s a dynamic start to the album with the title track as The Fixer immediately showcase their crossover appeal with a punchy and catchy head-banger. It’s got meaty instrumentation, with touches of melody, but it’s the soaring vocals that really give this track its flavour.

Although that applies to the entirety of the record, really. The vocals are immense and the following Get Greasy, with it’s sexy and playful vibes, makes things even more fun. Though, who isn’t going to find themselves moving and grooving to the poppier rock anthem that is Smoke Show? It is a party all of the time, indeed.

Keeping the vigorous pace up, but with a more sinister tone (the bass is awesome here), The Fixer continue to impress with the unpredictable Ghosts Will Talk. Then utilise some freaky effects and thrilling guitar squeals to deliver one hell of a catchy listen with Animal. Before ramping up the drama with Tongue’s Bleeding, the heavier guitar tone and varying vocal styles, make this a much more insistent listen. In fact, it’s almost cinematic, and certainly the grandest track on the album overall.

It’s cool to hear The Fixer doing varied things though, and it keeps Your Lie constantly interesting. Especially as the latter half features some of the heavier tracks. The likes of the ferocious Colour Deficit and the rampant weirdness of Tree of Fire, showing just how ‘metal’ The Fixer can be. Although, even when melody is an important part of their music, it can still result in something emphatic as Unscrewed proves. The interplay between riffs and vocals is immense here, giving it so much more power.

Finally, it’s Your Truth, and one last hit of The Fixer’s exciting erratic sound, as once again, they dig into more aggressive territories, delivering one of their darker sounding tracks. However, the power is still front and centre, and the spoken-word middle section really impresses. It’s a very big ending, even featuring a guitar solo, and the cherry on top of a very good album. The Fixer showing that genre definitions don’t necessarily apply to them.

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The Fixer – Your Lie Track Listing:

1. Your Lie
2. Get Greasy
3. Smoke Show
4. Ghosts Will Talk
5. Animal
6. Tongue’s Bleeding
7. Colour Deficit
8. Tree Of Fire
9. Unscrewed
10. Your Truth


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The Fixer – Your Lie (Self Released)
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