Album Review: The Devil’s Trade – Vidékek vannak idebenn (Season of Mist)

Dark singer-songwriter act The Devil’s Trade will release their new album ‘Vidékek vannak idebenn’ on July 14th via Season of Mist.

There’s nothing quite like an album from The Devil’s Trade. Talking about it can often be a complex task because it is multifaceted music. Call it experimental if you want, it still doesn’t fully convey the listening experience.

A haunting, moody, melodic, peaceful, and emotive experience from beginning to end. The Devil’s Trade grasp the mind in a strong, but comforting grip. The darkness they exude isn’t suffocating, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t disorientating. With music this experimental, that is almost a given.

Though don’t be fooled by the strong serene vibes the album gives off for the most part, The Devil’s Trade has plenty of intense moments. It’s those moments that snap you out of the fugue state the melancholy puts you in.

It’s so easy to sink into the sound of Vidékek vannak idebenn as The Devil’s Trade showcase varied and bold music. From the atmospheric opener, Felkelék én, to the beautiful balance of gloom and grandness that comes from Flashing Through the Lack of Light, to the eerie melodious moments, folk-infused tones, and sudden doom-esqe turns of the title track. The first portion of the album is a revelation.

These tracks, and like everything that follows, needs time to sink in. Yet, thanks to the dreamy melodies like those found on Clear Like the Wind, the commanding doomy experimentation that is found on Liminal, and the unearthly temperamental sound of Fordulj kedves lovam, sink in they will.

The satisfaction provided by The Devil’s Trade comes to a wistful and smile inducing end with two more diverse efforts. Firstly, the folkish All Kings Must Fall and then the morose Új hajnal már nem jő. Two more giants amongst giants.

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The Devil’s Trade – Vidékek vannak idebenn Track Listing:

1. Felkelék én
2. Flashing Through the Lack of Light
3. Vidékek vannak idebenn
4. Clear Like the Wind
5. Liminal
6. Fordulj kedves lovam
7. All Kings Must Fall
8. Új hajnal már nem jő


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The Devil's Trade - Vidékek vannak idebenn (Season of Mist)
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