Album Review: The Devil’s Party Band – Best Album Ever (Self Released)

Best Album Ever is the debut album from South African’s The Devil’s Party Band. Taking us back to Sunset Boulevard with a revival of the LA Rock sound like never before. When asked why they’ve gone for that dirty rock sound Chris van der Walt (bass) says:

In this controlled and regulated world, we’re living in there’s just too many “safe” bands and nice things out there…. we’re here to put the bad-ass and attitude back into rock music.

Best Album Ever will be released on the 22nd of April 2022.

Having some fun but not taking the piss, The Devil’s Party Band pay tribute to a long-lost sound and deliver it in a contemporary way. Best Album Ever is a heady explosion of dirty and grimy hard rock, succinctly expressed across 6 tracks and around 21 minutes of groovy head-banging noise.

Kicking off with the energetic slice of sleaze that is Banned Outta Town and followed by Headstone and LDS Chains. The former of those two sees The Devil’s Party Band deliver a melodic high, while the latter has a hazy pace that gets faster, wilder and heavier at the end as though the trip has taken a darker turn.

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What to make of One Big PK though? A hip-hop infused piece that combines slow rap with blasts of heavy rock. It’s an unexpected shift that has a decent amount of catchiness to it. Followed then by the groove of Punkreas and the melodic melodrama of The Tearing of My Skin.

The variety that is on show is surprising and you can certainly tell that The Devil’s Party Band wanted to lay out much of what they are capable of here.

The Devil’s Party Band – Best Album Ever Full Track Listing:

1. Banned Outta Town
2. Headstone
3. LSD Chains
4. One Big PK
5. Punkreas
6. The Tearing of My Skin


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The Devil’s Party Band – Best Album Ever (Self Released)
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