Album Review: The Deviant – Rotting Dreams Of Carrion (Soulseller Records)

Norwegian metallers The Deviant was formed by Violator in 2003 and later accompanied by former members from the cult death metal act 122 Stab Wounds as well as Gehenna. Their new album ‘Rotting Dreams of Carrion’ will be released on December 4th, 2020 via Soulseller Records.

The shriek of the riffs and crashing of the drums sets the scene with the intro of Atomic Dreams. A scene of devastation and destruction, choregraphed by the extreme metal sound of The Deviant.

Chaos then rains from the sky as Atomic Revolt brings blistering guitar riffing and bile-covered vocals. The frantic playing, a filthy combination of death and black metal, where the skin is not so much peeled off as it is torn in a fleshy howl of pain.

However, you can’t discount the extra touch of guitar groove that The Deviant have. Son of Dawn showcasing that side of the band perfectly as well as just how heavy they can go while also throwing out a stonking solo too.

It just gets better though as the whine of guitar that greets us on Torment Inferno is just wonderful. It’s the stuff of dreams… or nightmares… either way you won’t forget it anytime soon. When it does turn it down a notch, it’s just so The Deviant can crawl out of the murk to grasp with horrid black force.

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There is so much more to come though as It Has A Name and Martyrdom are all about face-melting speed with something of a thrashy stance. Then we get the heavy atmosphere and war-like march of Iron Vultures, a killer call to arms where you’ll want to don corpse-paint, a bullet belt and something spikey to join The Deviant.

Most will be all in on this band’s excellent effort here but the cherry on top comes with Enter the Storm. A powerful finale that is thick with black metal intensity, the fluctuating tempos driven by clever drum patterns while the guitars lay down the foundations of darkness.


The Deviant – Rotting Dreams of Carrion Full Track Listing:

1. Atomic Dreams
2. Atomic Revolt
3. Son Of Dawn
4. Torment Inferno
5. It Has A Name
6. Martyrdom
7. Iron Vultures
8. Enter The Storm


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The Deviant - Rotting Dreams Of Carrion (Soulseller Records)
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