Album Review: The Bouncing Souls – Ten Stories High (Pure Noise Records)

New Jersey punk legends The Bouncing Souls will release their brand-new full-length album, Ten Stories High, on March 24th via Pure Noise Records. An album of songs directly inspired by the stories of their fans.

It doesn’t get more fan orientated than this. The idea of using fan stories to inspire this new work is incredibly imaginative and immersive. Ten tracks of pop-infused punk rock tracks that, while doesn’t see the legends pushing the musical boat out, it does deliver on top melodies, raucous energy, catch rhythms, and punky vibes.

Beginning with a more pop-punk orientated effort, the title track is a delightfully infectious opener with a high-powered chorus that few won’t want to sing along to. Followed then by the vigorous and energised banger that is Back to Better. Before The Bouncing Souls double down on what a pop-punk anthem should be with the memorable Another Day in Denver.

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Simple, but oh so enjoyable.

Which is still the case with the somewhat moodier tone of True Believer Radio, although again, the chorus is what fires here. Whereas Shannon’s Song has some of the album’s most passionate sounding vocals, Andy and Jackie is pure foot-tapping rhythmic gold thanks to the drum/guitar combo, and Vin and Casey delivers frenetic speed and breaks the traditional structure apart for something that is punk fire through and through.

The highlight of the album though? There have already been many, but the dramatic tempo and melody of Magnus Air Organ is up there. As is the uplifting and relatable anthem that is To Be Human. However, Higher Ground takes the gold medal with its wicked bass rumble, melodic guitar rhythm, burst of pace, and heartfelt vocals. Easily the most infectious track on the entire record and one that makes you want to jump up and down alongside the band.

It’s so easily digestible, so uncomplicated, but so meaningful, it’s impossible to not love Ten Stories High.

The Bouncing Souls – Ten Stories High Track Listing:

1. Ten Stories High
2. Back To Better
3. Another Day In Denver
4. True Believer Radio
5. Shannon’s Song
6. Andy And Jackie
7. Vin And Casey
8. Magnus Air Organ
9. To Be Human
10. Higher Ground


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The Bouncing Souls - Ten Stories High (Pure Noise Records)
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