Album Review: The Black Sorcery – Wolven Degrade (Krucyator Productions)

Conjured in 2018 from the frozen tundra of Canada, repulsive black/death collective The Black Sorcery comprise members from The Projectionist, Operation Winter Mist, and Thy Sepulchral Moon. The bestial troop aim to deliver terrorising aural experiences that are frost veined and furiously tempting at the same time. Violent in every measure, the 2018 debut album, …and the Beast Spake Death from Above, abruptly made their arrival notorious.

Black Sorcery 2

The Canadian war mongers are geared up to drop the next bomb of malignancy through the second album, profoundly titled as ‘Wolven Degrade’.

Totalling ten cruelly themed numbers, Wolven Degrade will be out on March 28th 2019. Krucyator Productions will take care of the CD and Appalachian Noise Records will release the vinyl (limited to 100 black LPs).

What an absolutely vile record this is. The Black Sorcery delivering an appalling ten track album that will leave many a listener disgusted and horrified. The wave of noise that washes over us as the blackened death collective spit furious fire and hate is enough to turn stomachs. Raw and unrefined guitars, the clattering of the drums and the guttural roars are the sound of a bloody collision. It is extreme metal at its best and worst, unique and terrifying while being an absolute mess.

With tracks as harsh and inhospitable as Intolerance Enthrone, The Crone, Sawed Strings and the Fall of a Marionette and Angry Spit of the Witch’s Piss, there are no sweet dreams to come afterwards. A phenomenally violent and divisive listen, like the beckoning of a demonic force…you know you have to get away but it’s already too late.

Black Sorcery 1

The Black Sorcery – Wolven Degrade Full Track Listing:

1. War Fangs
2. Intolerance Enthrone
3. Putrescent Infected
4. The Crone
5. Body Coffin Betrayal
6. Wolven Degrade
7. Sawed Strings and the Fall of a Marionette
8. Angry Spit of the Witch’s Piss
9. Worse Still the Fog of Man Settles
10. Revelations of Dark Succumbing



The digital album can be ordered here, physical CD’s here and vinyl here. Find out more about The Black Sorcery via their Facebook Page.


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The Black Sorcery - Wolven Degrade (Krucyator Productions)
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