Album Review: The Black Hounds – All Kingdoms Fall (Self Released)

Midlands melodic metallers, The Black Hounds return with the release of their second full length album. The album is titled ‘All Kingdoms Fall’ and comes from the idea that everything, good or bad, comes to an end. ‘All Kingdoms Fall’ will be released on March 1st, 2024.

The build to this album, with the hefty singles released so far, has created a ton of anticipation, and expectation are high. So, The Black Hounds kicking off this album with such a groovy head-banger as Foundations, is an inspired decision. A rampant blast of metal with a thick vein of melody running through it. If you need to know just where the creative line lies with this record, this opener will tell you a lot.

However, it won’t tell you everything, because The Black Hounds have certainly pushed themselves here and that is showcased throughout. From the epic vocals and fiery drumming of Tyrant, a track that gets darker and heavier as it goes on. To the injection of riffy adrenaline that comes from Breaking the Cycle. One of the most anthemic tracks of all, thanks to its big chorus.

Although let’s not ignore the instrumental Unrest that sits in between those two tracks as it delivers a melodically charged slice of heavy cinema. The perfect lead-in to Breaking the Cycle, as it goes.

How do you follow all of that? Well, if you’re on the creative form of your life, you do what The Black Hounds do and go bigger, bolder, and more brash than ever. The Final Step is not just an epic heavy metal track, it’s also one of the most expansive examples of their imagination. All while having tons of that familiar mean sounding groove and tons of that emphatic dark cinematic melody.

Taking things back to a simpler setup and encouraging some serious head banging, Grace continues to keep the excitement at a high level. Though, the guitar soloing in this track really helps it to stand out too. Then there is the monstrous blend of groove and doom-infused heaviness that is The Rot and the moving and melodious The End. The two sides of The Black Hounds showcased in remarkable fashion.

The latter is the perfect palette cleanser too, preparing the mind, body, and soul for the monumental finale that is the title track. This album has had many tracks that could serve as a single track introduction for someone unfamiliar with this band, but this might be one of the best examples. It’s meaty, it’s mean, it’s got a big stance, a sense of drama, plenty of effective melody, and more reason to head bang than the neck can handle.

A quality finish to a quality album overall. The Black Hounds promised something impressive and they have delivered on that completely.

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The Black Hounds – All Kingdoms Fall Track Listing:

1. Foundations
2. Tyrant
3. Unrest
4. Breaking The Cycle
5. The Final Step
6. Grace
7. The Rot
8. The End
9. All Kingdoms Fall


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The Black Hounds - All Kingdoms Fall (Self Released)
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