Album Review: The Bateleurs – The House in The Tenth House (MilanaMúsica)

Lisbon-based group The Bateleurs will release their debut LP ‘The House in The Tenth House’ on the 12th of May 2022 via MilanaMúsica (ES).

With clear influences based in 70’s rock and blues, The Bateleurs deliver some old-school sounding groove on this debut album. Where body-shaking riffs meet foot-tapping and head-nodding hooks. Where the ‘jam’ style vibes meet a refined blast of energetic dive bar style bounce and peppiness.

Put it this way, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear this kind of bluesy-tinged rock music blasting out of a grotty bar in a quiet American town or from a dingy club in the heart of the UK’s capital city, London. Such is the familiarity and accessibility of The Bateleurs’ music.

You also wouldn’t be surprised if you were told it was from another era than the one The Bateleurs currently exist in. Though, that’s not to say it sounds dated, rather the sum of their influences shine through and they have sought to modernise things.

They certainly succeed and The House in The Tenth House proves itself to be a welcome slab of blues-infused rock. One with depth and detail, while continuously showcasing smile-inducing catchiness. Try and not move your body to the likes of Rise Above the Storm, I’ll Go All the Way and Back in The Bayou. You might struggle.

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Perhaps the thing that stands out the most about this album is that it’s uncomplicated rock music that still has more layers than you might expect. The Bateleurs have produced something that you can enjoy no matter the scenario and will stand the test of time because of this.

The Bateleurs – The House in The Tenth House Full Track Listing:

1. Nine Lives to Waste
2. All We Are
3. Rise Above the Storm
4. Revolution Blues
5. I’ll Go All the Way
6. City of Lights
7. Battle Horse
8. Back in The Bayou
9. So Good
10. Red Rover


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The Bateleurs - The House in The Tenth House (MilanaMúsica)
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