Album Review: Texas Murder Crew – Wrapped In Their Blood (Comatose Music)

Relentless slamming brutality is how Texas Murder Crew describe themselves, but they are more than that as well. All will be revealed on their debut full-length album, Wrapped in Their Blood. Out on May 20th, 2022 via Comatose Music.

So, what marks Texas Murder Crew out as different than your run of the mill slamming death metal band? How about the subtle sinister touches of synths and samples? Elements that add depth to an overwhelming amount of heavy. What about the two vocalists? Both adding their own levels of brutality to songs that cut and slash with all the savagery of mass mayhem? This is the stuff that helps Wrapped in Their Blood step out of the mire of familiarity. The stuff that makes the album necessary listening and Texas Murder Crew one to keep an eye on.

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Though, let’s not kid ourselves, the main draw of this album is the remorseless meatiness that the music deals out. Music that is pure gurning and guttural intensity. The sound of extreme, warped by the capabilities of Texas Murder Crew. It’s as though they have butchered and skinned the living body of slam, thrown it on and are parading it around. On face value, no-one would notice but get a little closer and the toothy evilness of the true form beneath becomes clear.

They’re very good at it too.

Wrapped in Their Blood has all the moving parts working like a well-oiled, hellish machine and the chemistry between this band really oozes out. They deliver some really big hits of heaviness here. The likes of Nocturne of Evisceration, Apocalyptic Embludgeonment and Wrapped in Their Blood (Part 3) leaving the head-spinning and the guts trembling.

If you’re looking for something that is just a step up from your usual cut and thrust intensity than Wrapped in Their Blood might just sate that thirst. All while not pushing the limits of what fans of extreme can expect.

Texas Murder Crew – Wrapped in Their Blood Full Track Listing:

1. Wrapped in Their Blood (Part 1)
2. Murderous Intent
3. Nocturne of Evisceration
4. Mutual Combat
5. Apocalyptic Embludgeonment
6. Pareidolia (In Splatter Patterns)
7. Ritual Disfigurement
8. 3 Feet Deep
9. Wrapped in Their Blood (Part 2)
10. Wrapped in Their Blood (Part 3)


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Texas Murder Crew - Wrapped In Their Blood (Comatose Music)
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