Album Review: Terrorkult – Crush the Pious (Barbarian Wrath)

Released in April 2017 via Barbarian Wrath, Crush the Pious is the debut album from American black metal band, Terrorkult.

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Getting your album off to a good start is so important. That first track is the one that has to grab you by the throat & demand your attention! It should be a showcase of what the band can do & what you, as the listener, can expect from the rest of the album.

Terrorkult know this & wow, do they open Crush the Pious with an absolute bang. Storming riffs, a meaty drum beat & thumping bass hooks, its 3+ minutes of glorious head-banging heavy metal. All without any vocals.

Those arrive for the more thrash oriented title track, a short drum heavy blast of metal with evil, sermon like, vocals. The raw & dark vibe is heightened on the mood-altering Holocaust on Humanity, the vileness of Indomitable Supremacy & the thrashiness of Warriors Ov Torment.

The roughness on display doesn’t detract from the compelling riffs, devilish black metal vocals & crashing drum beats. The deeper you get into Crush the Pious, the more it begins to consume you. This isn’t a ‘join us’ type of listen, no. It’s not asking for your permission.

What keeps this ticking along nicely is that 7 of the 10 tracks come in at under 3 minutes making this feel like a whirlwind of heaviness. The two longest tracks actually come at the end of the album. Domination Ov the Holy is a showcase of brutality thanks to an impressive showing from the vocals while The Bearded Hustlers proves to be the most venomous track of all.

Coming in at over 6 and a half minutes, the finale had to bring more to the sacrificial table if it was to keep the interest high & thankfully, it doesn’t disappoint! Thumping heavy riffs drive an exciting track to the end destination of Hell.

Terrorkult 2

Terrorkult – Crush the Pious Full Track Listing:

1. Terror Rises to Once More Dominate
2. Crush the Pious
3. Holocaust on Humanity
4. Goatwar
5. Indomitable Supremacy
6. Nihilistic Kommands
7. Warriors Ov Torment
8. Merciless Slaughter
9. Domination Ov the Holy
10. The Bearded Hustlers

Check out Terrorkult over on Facebook to keep up to date with their news. You can pick up Crush the Pious now over on Barbarian Wrath’s Bandcamp & find out more about the label on Facebook & Twitter.


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Terrorkult - Crush the Pious (Barbarian Wrath)
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