Album Review: Terror – Total Retaliation (Nuclear Blast)

Returning with their new album on September 28th 2018 is hardcore mob, Terror. It is entitled Total Retaliation and is being released by Nuclear Blast.

Total Retaliation 2

Fast, heavy with plenty of blast beats, breakdowns and gang vocals, Total Retaliation is every bit as ‘hardcore’ as you could hope it to be. 12 tracks of aggressive, up front and personal slices of metal to bang your head too. It’s actually 13 tracks long but I’ll get to the ‘odd’ one a bit later.

The opening double header of This World Never Wanted Me and Mental Demolition shows the strength that Terror have when it comes to delivering sharp jabs to the face. Get Off My Back then shows some unexpected catchiness with a bouncy and groove-heavy chorus, something a little bit different at this early stage.

No matter if Terror are spitting venom in a whirlwind of high-tempo hardcore (the title track, Behind the Bars) or squaring up for a fight with hard-hitting metal riffs and pissed off vocals (In Spite of These Times) they come out strongly. This is a hell of a hardcore album, the kind that really gets the blood pumping and thumping loudly in the temples.

There is only one that really doesn’t work. Post Armageddon Interlude is a rap song and simply put it’s pretty awful. As someone with very little interest in that music this is really jarring and feels so out of place. It takes you out of the album and it takes a moment to readjust as Spirit of Sacrifice brings one of the album’s best breakdowns.

Hardcore can be a very hit and miss style as variety isn’t something that comes easy to it but here, Terror have crafted one of the finest of the year. It delivers hardcore goodness and begs for repeated plays. Except with Post Armageddon Interlude, but the quality elsewhere makes it a little more forgivable.

Total Retaliation 1

Terror – Total Retaliation Full Track Listing:

1. This World Never Wanted Me
2. Mental Demolition
3. Get Off My Back
4. One More Enemy
5. Break the Lock
6. In Spite of These Times
7. Total Retaliation
8. Post Armageddon Interlude
9. Spirit of Sacrifice
10. I Don’t Know You
11. Behind the Bars
12. Suffer the Edge of Lies
13. Resistant to the Changes

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Total Retaliation is available to pre-order and will be available to stream in full via all major services.


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Terror - Total Retaliation (Nuclear Blast)
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