Album Review: Terran Spacers – I, Metal (Self Released)

Terran Spacers are a Bournemouth (UK) based progressive, sci-fi infused heavy metal band. They released their debut album; I, Metal on January 3rd 2018.

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The scope & invention on I, Metal is certainly impressive. It becomes apparent very early on that while this release from Terran Spacers might be raw there has been plenty of effort put in to give it a refined edge.

Opener Au Revoir, Parasite utilises effects that sound as though they belong in a 70’s exploitation horror, Sheeple ups the proggy melody with a little snarl to the vocals before the title track brings some bouncy groove to ensure the early half of the album sits well on the mind.

There’s a huge amount of variety in the tracks. The spacey/prog-oriented efforts sits comfortably alongside the upbeat rock numbers & the more metal-led tracks. Birth of a Planet is a particular fun & mind-warping track.

I, Metal draws from a number of sources that might seem a little familiar such as Devin Townsend (with the spacy hooks), Megadeth (with some of the vocals such as Facing Defects) and Monster Magnet (with the trippy feel of a lot of the tracks). However, for all its familiarity at times, Terran Spacers have their own unique take on all of this that excites & intrigues.

On occasion, it doesn’t manage to quite hit the mark, though. The likes of keyboard-heavy/instrumental Dolphin’s Message Pt. 1 could have been left off & it wouldn’t affect the overall album.

The latter parts of the album deliver some of the albums highlights with the rocking hooks of Moons Gets Loose followed by the uneven but enthralling Moons on the Loose.

Normally I’d say that perhaps Terran Spacers have a few too many ideas floating around but as busy as the record is, most of the time they manage to nail a very unique space-metal and progressive style.


Terran Spacers 1

Terran Spacers – I, Metal Full Track Listing:

1. Au Revoir, Parasite
2. Sheeple
3. Facing Defects
4. I, Metal
5. Groundling
6. Spaceport
7. Spacer Song
8. Dolphins’ Message Pt. 1
9. Birth of a Planet
10. Karma Day
11. Moons Get Loose
12. Moons on the Loose
13. Where Else (Bonus Track)

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You can order the album now via Bandcamp, Spotify and through Apple Music below. Find out more & keep up to date with Terran Spacers’ news by checking out their website here & by liking their Facebook Page. You can also watch some of their videos on YouTube!

Terran Spacers - I, Metal (Self Released)
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