Album Review: Tenside – Come Alive Dying (Ivorytower Records)

Released on January 19th, 2024, via Ivorytower Records, ‘Come Alive Dying’ is the eighth studio album from metalcore heavyweights, Tenside.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. It’s a mantra that Tenside are living on this latest release, as they deliver the metalcore sound we have all come to expect from them. Though, that shouldn’t be seen as a knock. After all, Tenside do metalcore better than most, even if it lacks freshness.

To be fair, they do make up for that with heavy melodic anthems, and Come Alive Dying has a lot to offer in that regard. Beginning with mighty aplomb as the title track showcases metal intensity balanced out by dramatic melody. It’s not the fieriest of starts, but it is suitably solid, and the fire really starts to burn out of control with Shadow to Shine. Tenside are alive and raging as only they can.

It’s this dedication to the metalcore craft, and the fact that they make it seem so easy, that makes the likes of Pitch & Gold and Darkness to Blight so appealing. Although a guest like Darkest Hour’s John Henry certainly doesn’t do any harm either. Impending Doom is a beast of a track, and it’s an example of a guest used very well. Nor would any fan of heavyweight metalcore find themselves complaining about tracks that merge head-banging, stompy heaviness with lavish melodies such as Aim for Darkness and Deadweight.

One of the more notable things at this stage of the album is just how much Tenside focus on their choruses sounding big. It’s part of their anthemic appeal, but here they have gone above and beyond when it comes to delivering grandiose efforts. Something that is very much evident in the latter half of the album too.

Pretty Lonesome, Silence is Betrayed, Transcend, Dust of the Bereaved, and Vengeance… there is nothing surprising about the continuation of their infectious metalcore ways. Although, it must be said, that there are some diminishing returns, with things just not having the same impact at the tail end of the album as before. Even though, what Tenside offers is robust melodies and raucous metal. It’s simple really, if you’ve loved everything this band has done to date, you’re not going to be left wanting here. It’s Tenside doing what they do, and doing it very well.

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Tenside – Come Alive Dying Track Listing:

1. Come Alive Dying
2. Shadow to Shine
3. Pitch & Gold
4. Darkness to Blight
5. Impending Doom (Feat. John Henry)
6. Aim for Paradise
7. Deadweight
8. Pretty Lonesome
9. Silence is Betrayal
10. Transcend
11. Dust of the Bereaved
12. Vengeance




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Tenside - Come Alive Dying (Ivorytower Records)
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