Album Review: Teaser Sweet – Monster (Self Released)

Teaser Sweet hail from Huskvarna, Sweden and are releasing their new album ‘Monster’ on March 7th 2020. The band started in 2013 and has since developed a sound influenced by classic hard rock, from the early 80s.

This is a band who know how to rock and across 9 tracks, they deliver a boisterous blast from the past. From the chorus driven title track to the humongous solo in Riding the Wind to the groove-attack of Falling. Teaser Sweet get off to a grand start.

It’s then rock ballad time with Rainbow Eyes (a lighters up track if ever there was one) before Love Bites and Night After Night brings the energy back up.

However, the real standout head-banger is Evil Machine as the galloping riffs and groove just feels so damn right. Happily, the band keep the heat turned up for the following Hypnotized and the filthy chug of The Black Circle.

It’s not an album that will set the rock world alight but it’s certainly one to help stoke the flames!

Teaser Sweet – Monster Full Track Listing:

1. Monster
2. Riding the Winds
3. Falling
4. Rainbow Eyes
5. Love Bites
6. Night After Night
7. Evil Machine
8. Hypnotized
9. The Black Circle


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Teaser Sweet – Monster (Self Released)
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