Album Review: Tatanhammer – The Art Of Human Sacrifice (Abandon Tapes)

The Art of Human Sacrifice is the debut full-length of Tatanhammer. Before this, the band had released two demo cassettes: “Blasphemy, Blood, Necromancy” in 2010 via the label Cocainacopia and “Promo 2012” in 2012. The latter was reissued by Abandon Tapes in 2017. Now, Halloween 2018 and the time is right to present a debut album’s worth of this filth.



The horrifying and desperate pleas of a man as he is subjected to torture and sacrifice is what greets us in Tatanhammer’s debut. It sets the scene for the unrelenting brutality that follows, The Art of Human Sacrifice is a horror-show of death metal with fuzzy riffs, echoing hate-filled vocals and barely discernible noise.

Ashes, At the Altar – Morning, Faces…the first handful of songs are complete chaos and test the limits of the mind.

Hoping it might settle down? There is no hope when listening to Tatanhammer. They’re not interested in your pleas. The One has a much slower rhythm that should make it easier on the ears but the hellish vocals ensure all you hear is horror.

Not content with the destruction of the mind, Tatanhammer start an all out assault on the soul with the demonic heaviness of The Filth, The Purest and Backbone of the Veal. All before Satan, Be Heard and Übermensch ensure you’re left in no doubt of the aggressive and extreme metal qualities of this album.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Tatanhammer 1

Tatanhammer – The Art of Human Sacrifice Full Track Listing:

1. The Weak
2. Ashes
3. At the Altar – Morning
4. Faces
5. The One
6. Dream Intruder
7. The Filth, The Purest
8. Backbone of the Veal
9. Satan, Be Heard
10. Übermensch

Head over to Abandon Tapes to order your copy now and subscribe to the band’s YouTube Channel.


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Tatanhammer - The Art Of Human Sacrifice (Abandon Tapes)
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