Album Review: Svartanatt – Starry Eagle Eye (The Sign Records)

Svartanatt have a classic rock sound that is in the spirit of the late 60´s and early 70´s. They will release their new album, Starry Eagle Eye on March 2nd 2018 via The Sign Records.

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All about upbeat rock tunes with catchy choruses, if you’re the type of person who craves an old-school, dreamy like simplicity to your rock then Starry Eagle Eye is perfect for you.

The raw-tinge allows every instrument to stand out & it’s easy to be drawn in with the hip-swaying rhythm of The Children of Revival.

That’s followed by the bouncy beat of Wrong Side of Town and the title track, the latter picking up the groove nicely with a foot-tapping guitar solo. While the first couple of tracks are reliably listenable, it’s not until Duffer that Svartanatt really show what they can do.

An excellently driven slice of rock with these mischievous increases in pace. The melody of the guitars alongside airy vocals speaks to the soul & it’s nice to see the band stretch their legs with a bit of a more progressive sharpness.

Other highlights include the ballads, Wolf Blues & Universe Of. Both offering plenty of psychedelic riffs wrapped up in a dreamy state of mind.

The double header of the classic-sounding The Lonesome Ranger and the groovy Black Heart end things far better then they begun. The former is a song for the old-school while the latter embraces a more AC/DC upbeat rock sound. It’s a fun & catchy end.

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Svartanatt – Starry Eagle Eye Full Track Listing:

1. The Children of Revival
2. Wrong Side of Town
3. Starry Eagle Eye
4. Duffer
5. Wolf Blues
6. Hit Him Down
7. Universe Of
8. The Lonesome Ranger
9. Black Heart

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Check out Hit Him Down via Bandcamp above where you can also order the album. Check out Children of Revival via Apple Music below where the full album will be available on release. Find our more/keep up to date with news via Svartanatt’s website, Facebook and Instagram.

Svartanatt - Starry Eagle Eye (The Sign Records)
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