Album Review: SuuM – Buried Into The Grave (Endless Winter/Hellas Records)

Italian doomsters, SuuM will release their debut album, Buried Into The Grave on March 10th 2018 with a CD version via Endless Winter & a tape version via Hellas Records!

SuuM 2

The toiling of the bell, the twisted guitar riffs, the gothic vocals…SuuM deliver instant doomy gratification with Tower of Oblivion. It’s reminiscent of classic British doom band, Cathedral with a little early Sabbath thrown in.

SuuM are all about the deep & bothersome riffing thoughout as they are at the forefront of tracks like Black Mist & Last Sacrifice. With an occasional sharp solo thrown in to mix things up.

The flashes of malice that makes itself known on the likes of Buried into the Grave & Seeds of Decay come as a nice surprise too. SuuM deliver a real treat of darkened & deep doom here. One with a sense of purpose & structure.

Saying that they can also produce smart & emotive melody, the penultimate track, The Woods are Waiting is an eerie toned instrumental. A track that utilises the subtle sounds of a storm perfectly.

One final thundering & layered doom track finishes off a hugely eventful & satisfying album. SuuM combine much of the old-school with a natural & contemporary sound.

SuuM 1

SuuM – Buried into the Grave Full Track Listing:

1. Tower of Oblivion
2. Black Mist
3. Buried into the Grave
4. Last Sacrifice
5. Seeds of Decay
6. The Woods Are Waiting
7. Shadows Haunt the Night



You can stream the album above & order it here via Bandcamp as well as via Endless Winter here. Find out more/keep up to date with news via Facebook.


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SuuM - Buried Into The Grave (Endless Winter/Hellas Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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