Album Review: Strigoi – Viscera (Season of Mist)

Having made a massive impact with their debut album ‘Abandon All Faith’ in 2019, blackened death and doom band, Strigoi return with a clear direction and understanding of what their sound is. The follow-up to their excellent debut record is ‘Viscera’ and it is out on September 30th, 2022, via Season of Mist.

It doesn’t get much darker, heavier, or guttural then this. Strigoi haven’t just returned with their best set of tracks yet, they’ve also brought a wave of darkness that threatens to engulf everyone. Viscera is misery incarnate, a hellish soundscape of bleak and blackened heaviness. Where nothing lives for long because of the suffocating darkness but no-one who likes this kind of music will want to leave.

We’re all United in Viscera. The opening track, an immediate hit of doomy adrenaline. Strigoi exuding horror that is akin to a slab of granite dropped on the skull. The crawling sound of guitars and methodical drum crashes send shivers through the body. Whereas the guttural growl of the vocals is an electric bolt to the brain. There’s no better example of how intense Strigoi can be when delivering the darkest of doom.

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Likewise, there’s also no better example of how furious and ferocious they can be when it’s all about short, sharp, and death-infused sounds, then with King of All Terror. The blood curdling screams at the start are all of us as Strigoi unleash horrifying heaviness at a speed that is inhuman.

Unable to contain such an array of dark ideas, An Ocean of Blood runs over with doomy savagery. The guitars wholly responsible for the bloodletting. Whereas Napalm Frost chills the soul with an icy blast of frantic heaviness and unrestrained blackened death metal force. Strigoi hitting a speed that almost sounds thrashy at times. The innate differences between the two tracks notable, but not distracting. After all, when it comes down to it, Strigoi deal in unbridled and unrelenting ruthlessness.

Which means the cinematic introduction of Hollow stands out. Suggesting that we’re about to experience something staggeringly epic. Which we certainly do, the instruments bringing forth a cacophony of doomy heaviness. Yet, this is a track with a strong rhythmic structure that slowly seeps into the brain matter. It’s almost catchy! Which is hilarious when you contrast that with the unbelievably harsh sound that is Strigoi as they transition into something blacker and even more brutish.

There’s no let-up (and who would want it?) as Strigoi continue to batter the senses with remorseless intent. A Begotten Son, Bathed in a Black Sun and Byzantine Tragedy send the mind spiralling even further into the darkness. Assailed by all manner of wicked images and sound, caught in the atmosphere of Strigoi’s gravitational pull, it’s spell-binding music.

They’ve outdone themselves here. Surpassing the debut album by some distance. Viscera is so much more than just a musical experience, it’s an event. No more proof needed than the combination of Redeemer and Iron Lung.

The former, a short blast of chunky heaviness and wild fury. The latter, a doom-laden epic that might be the most horrific experience of the album. Yet, in turn, it also proves to be one of the most captivating as Strigoi take their time to let the soundscape breathe. It’s as bleak as anything you will hear this year and it is remarkable.

Strigoi – Viscera Full Track Listing:

1. United in Viscera
2. King of All Terror
3. An Ocean of Blood
4. Napalm Frost
5. Hollow
6. A Begotten Son
7. Bathed in a Black Sun
8. Byzantine Tragedy
9. Redeemer
10. Iron Lung


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Strigoi - Viscera (Season of Mist)
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