Album Review: Street Dogs – Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing (Century Media Records)

Out on June 22nd via Century Media Records, Stand for Something or Die for Nothing is the new album from Boston punk rock outfit, Street Dogs.

“The dumbing down of America is a reason to write songs in 2018,” says bassist Johnny Rioux. “People need to wake the fuck up and realize the rich won’t drain the swamp or look after the working man and woman. [So] we hit on familiar turf and we go outside our zone as well on Stand for Some-thing or Die for Nothing. It’s tough to contain my excitement for this record and our fans are going to love it. Everyone stepped way up.”

Street Dogs 2

Kicking off with punk rock speed, a bit of bite and a very catchy chorus, the title track gives a raw insight into Street Dogs mind-frame on this record. They have something to say while staying true to their proud Boston roots.

It’s easy to see similarities with another Massachusetts band, The Dropkick Murphys especially as singer Mike McColgan was originally in that band. The upbeat tracks are a bit less refined though giving them a grittier feel. Regardless of that though, they absolutely kill it when it comes to delivering catchy tunes with meaning. The Comeback Zone, These Ain’t the Old Days, Lest We Forget and The Roundup are great examples of this.

Stand for Something or Die for Nothing feels sincere. Street Dogs believe every word they are singing, every note they are playing and it makes it easy to connect too even if you’re thousands of miles away from the city of Boston.

Perhaps the best moment of the album that exemplifies how Street Dogs bleed the same blood as the working class is the excellent Never Above You, Never Below You. Impossibly catchy while being as rough as a local dive bar.

Street Dogs 1

Street Dogs – Stand for Something or Die for Nothing Full Track Listing:

1. Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing
2. Other Ones
3. The Comeback Zone
4. Angels Calling
5. These Ain’t The Old Days
6. Working Class Heroes
7. Lest We Forget
8. The Round Up
9. Mary On Believer Street
10. Never Above You, Never Below You
11. Torn And Frayed

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You can order the new album via Century Media Records here and it will be available on all major streaming services. Find out more/keep up to date by liking the band’s Facebook Page and following them on Twitter.

Street Dogs - Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing (Century Media Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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