Album Review: Static Abyss – Aborted from Reality (Peaceville Records)

‘Aborted From Reality’ follows swiftly on from Static Abyss’ 2022 debut, ‘Labyrinth of Veins’. The death-doom duo (Greg Wilkinson and Chris Reifert) will release the new album on June 30th, 2023, via Peaceville Records.

The dust has barely settled on Labyrinth of Veins but Static Abyss are back with a brand-new eleven-track brutal offering in the form of Aborted from Reality. Continuing where they left off with even more heinous examples of ruthless death and doom. Putting it simply, if you loved what Static Abyss did with their debut album, you’re going to love this new album just as much.

It’s a frenzied start with the title track, Static Abyss showcasing some crust-punk elements alongside their cacophony of death and doom intensity. The mix of tempos here makes for a disconcerting, but exciting listen. An aspect of Static Abyss’ sound that thrills all the way through the album.

Then there is the super-sinister sound of Wormskinned, enhanced by twin-guitar harmonies and the howling vocals. Followed then by the skin-crawling doom lethargy of Cathedral of Vomit, the pulsating savagery of Cerebral Ghost, and Mind Tentacles. An apt title as the initial doom-drawl curls around the brain-matter, before the faster tempo increase starts to squeeze.

We’re all in with Static Abyss again. Proving up to this point that the debut album wasn’t a ‘one-off.’

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At exactly one-minute in length, Poisoned Limbs is a furious blast of heavy, albeit with those recognisable guitar harmonies again. Before Static Abyss reach into even darker doom depths with Horizon of Cremains. One of the most horrific and chaotic sounding tracks on the album, thanks to their sudden vigorous death-focused switch.

Although if chaotic sounding death metal is what you want then Crosses and Coffins will certainly deliver. Likewise, if you want to feel like your skin is trying to crawl off your flesh, then Unrepentant Mutant Serpent will suffice.

The album completed with the 57-second blast of noise that is Dehumanized and the self-referential The Static Abyss. A finale that encapsulates the brilliant brutality, the devious darkness, the monstruous mayhem, and dominating death and doom of Static Abyss perfectly. Keep releasing albums as strong as this, and there is no limit to the heights Static Abyss can reach.

Static Abyss – Aborted from Reality Track Listing:

1. Aborted from Reality
2. Wormskinned
3. Cathedral of Vomit
4. Cerebral Ghost
5. Mind Tentacles
6. Poisoned Limbs
7. Horizon of Cremains
8. Crosses and Coffins
9. Unrepentant Mutant Serpent
10. Dehumanized
11. The Static Abyss


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Static Abyss – Aborted from Reality (Peaceville Records)
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