Album Review: Starless Domain – ALMA (Self Released)

Coming a couple of months after the release of EOS, the entity known as Starless Domain has released ALMA. Another singular track that spans an enormous amount of time, although at just under 45 minutes, it’s significantly shorter than EOS.



Darkness and horror, it’s the sound of the cold vacuum that greets us as ALMA gets started. The echoing 80’s effect rippling through the mind before the atmospheric black metal comes crashing down. A distant and haunting sound, the drums and guitar lead work wonderfully well together creating an uneasy balance of beauty and noise.

This is what Starless Domain do so very well. Taking us from emotional highs to fury-infused lows. The vocals howl like death has laid his bony fingers on your shoulder and the gates of Hell have opened before your very eyes. It’s impossible to fathom and once again, to really appreciate this wonderful piece of work, you must hear it yourself.

There’s an argument that ALMA is a bit more accessible than EOS. Partially because of its shorter runtime but also because how it flows. After nearly 10 minutes of pounding and pummelling black metal, it slowly begins to drift into somewhere new. It’s subtle but noticeable and then it just stops for more uncomfortable sounding electronic effects to take over. This lasts for a couple of minutes before the heavy returns but with even more force.

It’s spectacular stuff and makes up the remainder of the track aside from the outro that sticks to the effects formula. 45 minutes of your time that will be well and truly well spent.

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Starless Domain - ALMA (Self Released)
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