Album Review: Stallion – Slaves Of Time (High Roller Records)

Following their “Mounting The World” EP, which hit the underground scene in 2013 like a bombshell, two smashing LPs (“Rise And Ride” & “From The Dead”), countless club and festival shows and a lot of touring across Europe, the Southern German riff foundry Stallion is now returning with its third full-length “Slaves Of Time”!

Slaves of Time will be released on February 28th 2020 via High Roller Records.

A blend of classic heavy metal with thrashier speed, Stallion bring plenty of energy alongside a set of killer riffs on their new album. Bursting forth with Waking the Demons, the fire burns brightly as the band call to forces beyond the veil, the stamp on the ritual being a screeching guitar solo.

No Mercy gets the fist pumping with the chant of the title, Time to Reload is fun old-school sleaze, All In is so hyper and fast it turns into a blur and Brain Dead shows just how thrashy Stallion can go. Each one as exciting and fun as the last.

The second half of the album brings with it a surprise in the form of the lengthy and mellow metal ballad of Die With Me. Before it’s back to thrashing heaviness and speed with Merchants of Fear, Dynamiter, Kill the Beast and Meltdown.

Slaves of Time isn’t going to set the world on fire but Stallion certainly deliver a banging heavy metal album here.

Stallion – Slaves of Time Full Track Listing:

1. Waking The Demons
2. No Mercy
3. Time To Reload
4. All In
5. Brain Dead
6. Die With Me
7. Merchants Of Fear
8. Dynamiter
9. Kill The Beast
10. Meltdown


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Stallion - Slaves Of Time (High Roller Records)
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