Album Review: Spill Your Guts – Hungry Crows (Self Released)

Knocking heads together & smashing teeth out, the nine-track release from punk infused hardcore/thrash metal band Spill Your Guts promises to leave a serious impression. Hungry Crows was released on September 12th 2017.

Spill 1

From the brutalising speed of opener, Riotica to the heavy groove of Praise the Fire to the pit-inducing Get Impaled, Hungry Crows delivers intensity & then some. A lot of the expected elements of hardcore infused punk are present but Spill Your Guts go above & beyond by bringing plenty of classic thrash/speed metal riffs & solos.

The catchiness of the guitars against throat ripping vocals, thumping bass & drums keeps this short album moving in a constant & exciting direction. Deep in Da Hoodz (silly name aside) is a highlight while the title track attempts to flay the skin from your bones with white hot riffing.

It kind of sneaks up on you but by time the super-speedy Altitude hits it becomes apparent that this is a hell of an album. Standing out in the modern thrash crowd takes something special & Spill Your Guts has it in buckets. Hungry Crows might be heavy, it might be face-meltingly fast but it’s dripping in rhythmic class that gets the body moving.

The triple header that sees out the album begins with the upbeat & happy-feeling Party Town. It’s a floor filler, or as much of one as you can get with thrash metal. No Visas for the Wicked truly stands out for its sublime tempo change before Satan 3 (Some) finishes on a more melody driven high. It retains the same level of intensity but the guitars really soar.

An awesome release, one that certainly deserves a lot of attention as Spill Your Guts have given a truly special listening experience!

Spill 2

Spill Your Guts – Hungry Crows Full Track Listing:

1. Riotica
2. Praise the Fire
3. Get Impaled
4. Deep in Da Hoodz
5. Hungry Crows
6. Altitude
7. Party Town
8. No Visas for the Wicked
9. Satan 3 (Some)

You can pick up Hungry Crows now over on Bandcamp & find out more about Spill Your Guts on Facebook & Instagram.


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Spill Your Guts - Hungry Crows (Self Released)
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