Album Review: Sound Storm – Vertigo (Rockshot Records)

Vertigo is the new album from Italian symphonic power metal band, Sound Storm & will be released in North America on October 13th 2017 via Rockshot Records. The album is already available throughout Europe.

Sound Storm 1

The haunting symphonic intro gives you an idea of what you can expect from Sound Storm’s Vertigo. Its nice & sweet sound has a darker edge so it’s no surprise that it kicks in heavily once the album properly starts.

A symphonic power metal album, Vertigo delivers intense drum beats, screeching riffs, wailing solos & soaring vocals. All at a constant high tempo pace that makes for a seriously exciting listen.

The Dragonfly is a thumping start that showcases some absolutely incredible drumming & smart use of symphonic elements. Those sitting nicely in the background enhancing the power metal goodness that’s pouring out of Sound Storm.

It slips effortlessly into Metamorphosis with the same high tempo rhythm. Only dropping the pace to deliver a screaming ‘lighters out’ solo. A wondrous effort that really helps you see just what Sound Storm are capable of delivering.

What makes Vertigo so appealing is just how grand it sounds. Original Sin sounds made for huge stages, Spiral throws out an incredible & lengthy guitar solo amongst inspired melodies before Gemini’s call to arms gets you well & truly battle ready.

The only time the album stumbles is with the unnecessary & far too long operatic Alice. A piece of music that might have the albums scope but lacks impact.

Fortunately it’s followed by the final track, The Last Breath. An epic in every sense of the word. It swoops & soars with huge riffs & melodies. A great culmination of a huge amount of effort put in by Sound Storm. They can be very proud of their efforts here.

Sound Storm 2

Sound Storm – Vertigo Full Track Listing:

1. Vertigo
2. The Dragonfly
3. Metamorphosis
4. Forsaken
5. Original Sin
6. The Ocean
7. Spiral
8. Gemini
9. Alice
10. The Last Breath

Head over to Big Cartel to pick up the album & merchandise. You can also pick it up on Bandcamp, stream it on Spotify & via Apple Music below. Find out more about Sound Storm on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube!

Sound Storm - Vertigo (Rockshot Records)
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