Album Review: Sound of Origin – The All Seeing Eye (APF Records)

Hudderfield-based stoner metal quartet Sound of Origin will release their new album, entitled The All Seeing Eye, via APF Records on August 21st 2020.

Building anticipation carefully and quietly, when the absolute weight of Sound of Origin fully drop on Not Dead Yet, it is heavy enough to crush skulls and shatter spines. So slow, so doomy, so damn heavy…as an opener goes, it will make you sit up and take notice.

Call that the calm before the storm though as a thumping drum beat leads us into the title track. Here, Sound of Origin open themselves up with some grand stoner groove rhythm. It’s still absolutely overwhelming but the chug of the guitars, the thickness of the drums and bass, and the clean vocals make it so much more.

If your brain isn’t already leaking out of your ears, Lockjaw’s kick-ass aggression and grungy beat will help loosen things up a bit. The mellow vocals, able to also deliver humongous and savage power at times, are truly outstanding both here and on the following Dim Carcosa.

The bassy thrum and light guitar melody at the start of Morning Bird is very much like waking to the early glow of the sun. The clouds quickly rushing in as these stoner-doom heavyweights continue to showcase their talents. Especially when they push the crunchy fuzz to the limits as they do on Stoned Messiah Blues and Into the Vile. Both earth-shattering and immense efforts.

Although jammed in between them is arguably the album’s most intense offering, Voices Left Behind. The filthy sound of the guitars is vast.

To the surprise of no one, the finale of Tempest Dunes is another thrilling example of just how large and grandiose Sound of Origin can be. The longest track on the album, it builds delicately before erupting like a volcano only to draw everything out like lava slowly moving to consume the towns below. All you can do is stand in awe as The All Seeing Eye hypnotises and devours.

Sound of Origin – The All Seeing Eye Full Track Listing:

1. Not Dead Yet
2. The All Seeing Eye
3. Lockjaw
4. Dim Carcosa
5. Morning Bird
6. Stoned Messiah Blues
7. Voices Left Behind
8. Into the Vile
9. Tempest Dunes


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Sound of Origin - The All Seeing Eye (APF Records)
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