Album Review: Sons of Alpha Centauri – Pull (Exile on Mainstream Records)

Post-hardcore, alt-metal, and progressive rock outfit, Sons of Alpha Centauri are back with their 4th studio full-length album, ‘Pull’, out on March 28th, 2024, via Exile on Mainstream Records.

One of the most exciting things about Sons of Alpha Centauri is that, while they have a distinct sound, you can really never know what they will give you next. Although, it’s easy to confidently say that whatever it is, it will be special. They’ve done it multiple times already, and with Pull, they prove unequivocally that they are one of the finest examples of modern experimental metal.

Experimental because of how fuse genres together, and Pull is a fabulous example of this creativity. An album that has a dream-like quality about it, all while having a bevy of robust progressive riffing, eccentric rhythms, infectious alternative beats, emotive melodies, and so much more. It’s certainly Sons of Alpha Centauri at their more accessible, but as challenging as always.



Perhaps the highest praise that can be given to this album is that it is exceptionally immersive. From the very start, with the groovy, chuggy, and melancholy-tinged Ephemeral and the brilliantly balanced blast of rockiness and melody that comes from Ease, most will have sunk into this album already.

The more it goes on, the deeper the pull is. Even when the tempo is a bit peppier, such as on the title track, Sons of Alpha Centauri continue to make the experience feel so soothing. Although, there may be nothing better to sum up this feeling than The Way We Were. A track with a strong 90s alt-vibe, but not without familiar Sons of Alpha Centauri flair. The guitars are stunning on this track, but it’s the way the vocals (which are so strong overall) drift and soar that really makes this a special one.

The immersion will have fully taken hold by this stage, and with even more melodically charged drama, Tetanus Blades ensures that’s not changing. The post is strong in this track, and while it is a sombre listen, it is lovable too.

The latter part of this incredible album is just as strong and there’s nothing quite as dreamy as Doomed on the entire album. The melody and the vocals work incredibly well together here. Then there is the gloomy prettiness of Weakening Pulse, where no amount of grey can take away from the vibrancy. Before Final Voyage goes big and finds Sons of Alpha Centauri in a more instrumentally emphatic mood. Bringing a bit more energy to proceedings, while having erratic touches, and delivering impressive moments of infectiousness.

It would be an easy track to name as one of the best, if it wasn’t for the fact that each track is brilliant in its own way. Which is why it’s only possible to be positive about the wonderful closing track, Unspeakable Majesty. Slow, and with a certain amount of rawness to the instruments, the progressive infusions are impressive here.

Though, impressive is what Sons of Alpha Centauri do, so no surprise there. Nor, is there any surprise that Pull is another remarkable release from this band.

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Sons of Alpha Centauri – Pull Track Listing:

1. Ephemeral
2. Ease
3. Pull
4. The Ways We Were
5. Tetanus Blades
6. Doomed
7. Weakening Pulse
8. Final Voyage
9. Unspeakable Majesty


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Sons of Alpha Centauri – Pull (Exile on Mainstream Records)
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