Album Review: Sodomisery – The Great Demise (Testimony Records)

Sodomisery, hailing from Stockholm / Sweden, was formed in 2015 by Harris Sopovic. Having started out as a studio project, Harris wanted to create the perfect blend between Death and Black Metal with a fresh sound.

The first EP was recorded by Harris with the support of musicians from well-known Swedish acts such as Diabolical, Netherbird, LIK and Katatonia. The EP was released digitally in 2017 and received favourable reviews, giving Harris the idea to turn the project into a full-fledged band.

In 2018 the final line-up was cemented when Viktor Eklund, Paul Viscolit and Magnus Grönberg joined, all with extensive experience from the Swedish and international metal scenes. The band spent the remainder of the year writing music, playing live and spreading the word with the local audience.

As 2019 came around, Sodomisery entered Wing Studios together with Sverker Widgren (Diabolical, Mörk Gryning, Wormwood and many more) to put the newly written songs on record. Their highly anticipated debut album ‘The Great Demise’ is now ready to be unleashed (May 22nd). Sodomisery are ready to show the world that the Stockholm extreme metal scene is as vibrant as ever and will continue to put out the quality music that it has been known for during the past decades.

Here’s a band that knows what it is doing when it comes to extreme metal. Sodomisery know exactly how to marry the brutality of black metal with the destructive impact of death metal. The combination is nothing new but to make it sound so downright interesting is no simple task, yet it is one Sodomisery complete with ease.

A banging start with Reapers Key, Sodomisery’s power in this department is feeling quite unrivalled and the ruthlessness of Into the Cold certainly doesn’t change that. The bar is set very early on with this excellent double.

A bar that Sodomisery continue to aim for with the spirited heavy groove of Sacrifice, the fiery riffing of The Messenger and the cold chill that radiates from In the Void. If you’re not banging your head, there’s probably something wrong with you and not Sodomisery.

Can it get any better? Sodomisery has plenty more blood to spill as The Great Demise rhythm spreads through the body resulting in a fair bit of carnage. The melodious start to Until They Burn gives way to a thumping beat that is rooted heavily in the black metal world of old.

An exceptional album comes to a close with one more frantic and furious track (Arise) before a short and soft outro )The Abyss) draws a line under Sodomisery’s brilliant efforts.

Sodomisery – The Great Demise Full Track Listing:

1. Reapers Key
2. Into The Cold
3. Sacrifice
4. The Messenger
5. In the Void
6. The Great Demise
7. Until They Burn
8. Arise
9. The Abyss


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Sodomisery - The Great Demise (Testimony Records)
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