Album Review: SnakeyeS – Metal Monster (Self Released)

SnakeyeS, is the project started by Jose Pineda, Justi Bala and Carlos Delgado (from the Spanish heavy metal band SPHINX) and Romanian singer Cosmin Aionita (9.7 RICHTER). Playing hard & heavy metal, their new album ‘Metal Monster’ is out now.

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In the style of a traditional metal band (Dio, Judas Priest), SnakeyeS come flying out of the blocks with the fist-pumping & riff-heavy Into the Unknown. Pure head-banging glory, this is music to warm even the coldest metal heart.

The likes of Evolution, (Point of) No Return & the title track just makes you walk that little bit taller as SnakeyeS deliver beat-laden feel-good metal tunes. While there are few surprises here, what SnakeyeS do, they do so well.

We’re taking fiery riffs, skull cracking groove, dynamite drumming & old-school vocals that have plenty of harshness amongst the higher-pitched screeches. It’s heavy metal that will see you dusting off the patch jacket, seeing if you can squeeze into those old leather trousers & considering the benefits of growing out your hair again.

That’s not to say that SnakeyeS are cheesy. No, they’re serious but clearly having such fun as they fire off killer solo after solo (such as on the excellent Edge of the World).

When they do branch out of their comfort zone they still impress. The gothic tone of Sign of Death with added symphonic elements, the powerful punch to the jaw that is Your Own Shadow and the crunching sneering quality of the final track, Rise Up (The Red Plague).

SnakeyeS have dropped a banger here.

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SnakeyeS – Metal Monster Full Track Listing:

1. Into The Unknown
2. Evolution
3. (Point of) No Return
4. Cyberkiller
5. Metal Monster
6. Edge of The World
7. Sign of Death
8. Facing The Darkness
9. Your Own Shadow
10. Circus of Fools
11. Rise Up (The Red Plague)

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You can order the album & find out more about SnakeyeS on their website here. You can also stream the album via Spotify, Google Play & via Apple Music below. Find out more about the band on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, ReverbNation & check out some of their videos on YouTube.


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SnakeyeS - Metal Monster (Self Released)
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