Album Review: Slope – Freak Dreams (Century Media Records)

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Beastie Boys, Rage Against The Machine and early Red Hot Chili Peppers, funk rockers Slope will release ‘Freak Dreams’ on February 2nd, 2024, via Century Media Records.

Oh man, when Slope call themselves ‘funk rock’, they aren’t lying. Those inspirations? They make so much sense when you hear this album. You can hear bits of everyone in Slope, but we’re not talking about a rehash or poor copycat attempt either. Slope can get heavy, Slope can bring the riffs, Slope can make you head-bang, and crucially, can make you dance too.

Freak Dreams it is a right weirdo of an album though, and it’s going to take a bit of an open mind to really enjoy it. Calling something experimental might seem lazy, but it is the optimal word to sum it up. Open yourself up, and you’ll have a lot of fun with this album. Not only that, but you’ll also come away appreciating the heavy groove, thick riffage, and passionate display that Slope showcase here.

It helps that Slope don’t overstay their welcome, even if there are 12 tracks. The whole album comes in at around 35-minutes and that is the perfect length for what is going on here. Especially as it can get so weird and wacky, while being surprisingly varied. From big funky numbers like Talk Big, True Blue, and the title track, to harder and heavier groove-infused hits like It’s Tickin’, Chasing Highs, Hectic Life, and NBQ.

Then there are the songs that combine both, while also being delightfully odd, such as Nosedive (you’ll struggle not to move to this one), WHY SAD, and Ain’t’ Easy. All complimented by thought-provoking lyrics that portray personal struggles and situations facing many in the world today.

As far as diversity goes, Slope have released the album of the year. Aside from that… it’s so interesting and it has flashes of brilliance. Yet, it’s really going to take more listens and that aforementioned open mind to love it. Make up your own mind with this one, just be prepared for something different.

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Slope – Freak Dreams Track Listing:

1. Talk Big
2. It’s Tickin’
3. Chasing Highs
4. Nosedives
5. Hectic Life
6. It’s Always You (Interlude)
7. True Blue
8. NBQ
10. Ain’t Easy
11. Freak Dreams
12. Out of the Blue Into the Black


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Slope - Freak Dreams (Century Media Records)
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