Album Review: Slog – Divination (Morbid and Miserable Records)

Death and doom band, Slog will release their sophomore album ‘Divination’ on January 13th, 2023, via Morbid and Miserable Records.



A monolithic and macabre sound, this isn’t our first rodeo with Slog, but the band never fails to mesmerise with their blend of hefty doom and feral death.

Divination sees Slog reaching into even darker depths and sounding even more possessed by demonic forces then ever before. The eight tracks of the album showcase a band at their blood-curdling and sacrilegious best. Causing a wealth of pain and suffering as they smother the senses in layers of monotonous doom, while systemically battering the mind into submission with flashes of filthy and guttural death metal.

This is what Slog do and it’s what they excel at. The feeling of sinking into corrosive mire. The feeling of being suffocated, the tempo shifts akin to the brief attempts to struggle from your inevitable soul-stealing end.

It doesn’t overstay its welcome either. While there are a handful of tracks that have heftier runtimes, the album is mostly focused on delivering thick harshness in concise form. It doesn’t change the level of impact the music has; it just makes it that little more palatable.

Slog’s ghastly form will leave you feeling despondent and grubby, but it’s exactly the feelings you want from this band. So, in that regard, Divination is a colossal success.

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Slog - Divination (Morbid and Miserable Records)
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