Album Review: Skarlett Riot – Invicta (Despotz Records)

After the success of their second album ‘Regenerate’, the hard-hitting UK quartet Skarlett Riot introduced their listeners to a harder, faster, and heavier sound, but still driven by the anthemic hooks that have kept Skarlett Riot at the forefront of the UK modern metal scene. 

It’s now time for the follow-up entitled ‘Invicta’ which was recorded throughout a time of global uncertainty and confusion. Despite what was going on in the world, ‘Invicta’ is the most focussed and forthright release of the band’s career. It will be out on May 7th 2021 via Despotz Records.

The band comments:

We are so excited to finally release our brand-new album ‘INVICTA’! This album has been three years in the making and we can’t wait for you to hear the results of the huge amount of work that’s gone into this. We’ve overcome so much together as a band throughout the years and ‘Invicta’ represents the physical and mental struggles we’ve experienced together and individually, making us who we are today – Invicta.

Dominating proceedings again, but for good reason, the majestic vocals of Skarlett are immense as the anthemic unit kick into Breaking the Habit. A punchy head banger that has a momentous sing-along of a chorus. It’s the sort of opener that will turn mainstream heads. Even if there’s a more robust heavy metal edge to the band overall. As showcased by the hefty head-banger that is Gravity and the mix of melancholy and savagery that burns within Black Cloud.

It’s the instruments, the drums in particular that really give Invicta a lot of its oomph. Although the occasional deep and guttural male voice also helps. Still, Skarlett’s voice is front and centre and more than capable of reaching ferocious depths too as Under Water proves.

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It’s business as usual with Stronger; thumping riffs and drums, and, of course, impressive vocal highs. Cut the Ties brings frenzied playing and an energetic beat before Into Pieces draws the shades for a dark and cold slice of overt melancholy. Vocally, it’s as impressive as always but overall is lacking a little something.

That’s certainly not the case with Not Alone though as Skarlett Riot throw out one of the heaviest tracks so far. Alongside an absolutely killer chorus too. Continuing the upswing in energy with To the Flames (another top shelf chorus and some scathing vocal growls) and the grandiose Falling, Skarlett Riot at their most epic sounding.

It was a tough task for Skarlett Riot to live up to the popularity of their previous album but with Invicta, they’re going to really take off. Confirmed by the straight-forward but bouncy metal rhythm of Human. A classy singalong to finish things off.

Across the 11 tracks, there is stuff for both the mainstream and hardcore metal fan bases to enjoy. Skarlett Riot have their eyes on big stages and this sort of release will certainly help make that a reality.

Skarlett Riot – Invicta Full Track Listing:

1. Breaking the Habit
2. Gravity
3. Black Cloud
4. Under Water
5. Stronger
6. Cut the Ties
7. Into Pieces
8. Not Alone
9. To the Flames
10. Falling
11. Human


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Skarlett Riot - Invicta (Despotz Records)
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