Album Review: Skallbank – Grav Efter Grav (Savage Magic Records)

Sweden’s Skallbank are due to release Grav Efter Grav on May 23rd, 2017 via Savage Magic Records on a 7″ vinyl.

Skallbank 2

A 4 track release filled with an exciting upbeat style & catchy, rocking riffs. Grav Efter Grav as the opening song gets everything right straight away. A catchy chorus, upbeat riffs & some really exciting scratchy throat vocals.

This is fast paced rock with a plenty bit of punk ethos. Divinum Dictatura sexy sounding riffs backed up by some absolutely killer vocal work, the groove that’s layered throughout Enfaldens Töcken (that laugh at the start is just amazing) & the meaty sound of the guitars in Odjuret Människan.

4 songs, 4 very different ways to bang your head. It’s hard to pinpoint any specific instruments that stand out more than any other. In unison every instrument just kicks it up a notch resulting in music you’re not going to get bored of hearing.

The only disappointing thing about Grav Efter Grav is that it’s over far too soon.

Skallbank 1

Skallbank – Grav Efter Grav Full Track Listing:

1. Grav Efter Grav
2. Divinum Dictatura
3. Enfaldens Töcken
4. Odjuret Människan

You can find out more about Skallbank & their future plans over on Facebook & on their website. You can also listen to some of their music over on YouTube.


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Skallbank - Grav Efter Grav (Savage Magic Records)
  • The Final Score - 9/10

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