Album Review: Skald in Veum – Stridslysten (Nordic Mission)

Skald in Veum are five anonymous figures from Scandinavia who deliver solid black metal craftmanship that is both lyrically and musically hard to let slip by without making an impression. Musically, you can expect something in the veins of Dark Funeral, old Immortal, Watain & 1349.

Stridslysten is their latest release, out now via Nordic Mission.

Stridslysten 2

Fast, heavy and horrid black metal. Skald in Veum deliver an album that is both as frigid as the Northern winds and as hot as the bowels of hell. From the severity of the title track to the twisted sound of As Wolves Among Sheep, the first two tracks show both sides of the band. The former hyper fury, the latter with methodical evil, highlighted by the gurgling vocal style. Of the two it’s the latter that really makes an impression.

With glorious black metal riffing, En lyra döpt i blod really pleases before Do What Thou Wilt sprays darkness covered juiciness around. The rhythmic beat is great while the sudden injections of savagery keep things rooted in hell.

The pace is kept intense for the wildness of Goatwhore, Shards of the Infernal Fall is as simple as Skald in Veum get in regards to black metal while Tvinsot (Siaren II) is a epic tome of horror and inhumanity.

A salacious listen wraps up with Whoremaster, a blazing inferno of a finish where the drums are truly startling. A black metal album to please the huddled masses.

Stridslysten 3


Skald in Veum – Stridslysten Full Track Listing:

1. Stridslysten
2. As Wolves Among Sheep
3. En lyra döpt i blod
4.Do What Thou Wilt
5. Goatwhore
6. Shards of the Infernal Fall
7. Tvinsot (Siaren II)
8. Whoremaster



The album is available via all major streaming services as well as Bandcamp and more information can be found via Facebook.

Skald in Veum - Stridslysten (Nordic Mission)
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