Album Review: Sinaya – Maze of Madness (Brutal Records)

The Brazilian female four-piece, Sinaya will release their new album, Maze of Madness on August 10th via Brutal Records. 8 tracks of old school death metal with a bit of thrash thrown in. This is an album that will please the old and new school of the sub-genres.

Sinaya 2

Life Against Fate lets you know immediately just what you’re getting with Maze of Madness. Very heavy but with good production making it sound clean and fresh. The crudeness of the death metal vocals is carried by the chugging thrash rhythms of the guitars while the drums rumble with force.

Howling thrashiness welcomes Abyss to Death before the pace briefly increases, Always Pain deals in darkness with a thundering level of guitar riffing and Bath of Memories has a straight-forward, head-bang your mind into mush approach.

As a death/thrash metal combo goes, Maze of Madness is one of the more rhythmically exciting albums this year. There is plenty of talent within Sinaya as the exceedingly groovy Bath of Memories and riff-tastic Infernal Sight prove.

The sluggish and doomy approach in Deep in the Grave is an interesting direction for the track before the layered guitar work heard so far rears its wonderful head for the final track, Buried in Terror. The latter is pure thrash gold and the perfect way for such a great album to sign off.

Damn good stuff.

Sinaya – Maze of Madness Full Track Listing:

1. Life Against Fate
2. Abyss to Death
3. Always Pain
4. Bath of Memories
5. Crowd in Panic
6. Infernal Sight
7. Deep in the Grave
8. Buried by Terror

Out on August 10th 2018, you can keep up to date with the band’s news and find links to listen/buy the album by checking out their website.


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Sinaya - Maze of Madness (Brutal Records)
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