Album Review: Siderian – Origins (Self Released)

Northamptonshire five-piece Siderian pay no heed to musical trends and fads, favouring massive riffs and though-provoking lyrics welded to their relentless signature groove. It is a recipe that has proved to be as effective live as it is on record.


Having smashed out a debut EP and unique music video within three months of forming in 2015, Siderian returned to further stamp their mark on the local scene with the austerity bashing standalone single Noses in the Trough, before a series of line-up changes briefly hampered progress.

The band reconvened in 2017 with an aim of expanding their sonic palette, making their sound faster, heavier and more complex, releasing the Lizard Method Statement EP early in the year, the title track showcasing a hugely progressive evolution in their sound.

The band entered Initiate Audio and Media Studios in late 2018 with the legendary Neil Hudson (Krysthla, Gutworm) at the helm to lay down an album that delivers on their promise of making everything as heavy, fast and harsh as possible without compromising on the need for memorable songs.

Origins will be released on June 21st 2019. Former singles‘Oleum’ and ‘Lizard Method Statement’ have been re-recorded for the album.

A violent sounding yet surprisingly catchy opener, Geneva sees Siderian go for broke almost immediately. A cacophony of drums, guitars and lengthy vocal scream bleeds into a welcome groove that has elements of thrash and death metal thrown in. It’s not quite one thing or the other but it is bloody great.

Next is With the Tide, a showcase of just how riffy and groovy Siderian can be. Excitable yet brutal, it’s a bar setter and a tough act to follow. Not as if that’s going to stop these heavy metal heathens trying. The Suplicant’s fanatical drum beat backed up the screechiest of vocals, the title track’s frantic tempo alongside hyper riffing and Voices’ tight groove with melodic drop is as tight as it gets for Siderian. Capped off with a glorious old school guitar solo.

Not a bad song so far, Siderian are absolutely nailing their debut album and they’re far from done yet. Id Breaker takes a breather (sort of) with a winding guitar lead and vocals that shout rather then scream at first. When the pace quickens we get what might be the fastest Siderian segment of the album followed by the heaviest as they bring things down to doom levels. A layered track that shows the wealth of experience in the band.

The re-recorded Lizard Method Statement comes next, a groove metal banger given the touch up treatment. The major difference being how much tighter and better produced it sounds. It also fits perfectly amongst the newer stuff. As does Oleum, although this one has been given more then just a fresh coat of paint. As a finale, it is perfect. Showing where Siderian came from and where they are now. With the excellent Sneak Attack stuck in between hoping it doesn’t get overlooked.

It shouldn’t because it’s an absolute banger. A chunky drum beat and twisted set of guitars designed to drive just about everyone wild.

The UK underground scene is on fire at the moment and it’s thanks to the likes of Siderian that we can be so proud.


Siderian – Origins Full Track Listing:

1. Geneva
2. With The Tide
3. The Supplicant
4. Origins
5. Voices
6. Id Breaker
7. Lizard Method Statement
8. Sneak Attack
9. Oleum




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Siderian - Origins (Self Released)
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