Album Review: Sick Joy – We’re All Gonna F***ing Die (So Recordings)

We’re All Gonna F***ing Die is the debut album from British alt-rock trio, Sick Joy. It will be released on July 8th, 2022 via So Recordings.

Don’t let the album title confuse you, this is not as depressing as it sounds. Oh, it is reality, dealing with universal themes that everyone can relate too, but it is a bit more upbeat than expected.

A fuzzy and warm style of alternative rock is the name of the game here with Sick Joy. The rawer garage rock feel offset by modern groove, catchy melodies, and infectious choruses. An opening trio of tracks in the form of Don’t Feel Like Dying, Talking to The Drugs and Stay Numb getting the ‘be free’ party vibes going. Albeit with a slightly British cynical and tongue in cheek edge.

Deep Dream is a highlight, seeing Sick Joy really up the groovy fuzz, getting nice and heavy in the chorus. Though I’ve Got More Than I Need (And I Don’t Have Much) isn’t one to complain about as the rhythm is so damn infectious and Alive on The Inside’s finger-snapping tempo and moodier melody keeps the album sounding varied.

There’s something so energetic and laidback about We’re All Gonna F***ing Die. Two things that are complete opposites, yet Sick Joy manage to make them great bedfellows. You can chill out to it or you can get up and move with purpose, either way, you’re going to have a mighty fine time.

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Speaking of mighty fine times… The Blood & The Bliss and Rich Hippies deliver exceptional good time vibes in different ways. The former with tripped out guitars and the latter with bursts of fuzzy rock heaviness. Elements that Sick Joy do so well, you’d have to be one miserable git to not enjoy.

Musician, illustrator and lead singer, guitarist and main songwriter for British alternative rock trio Reuben (now disbanded) Jamie Lenman helps make Belly Aching Beast a bit more of a snarlier, punkier and ballsier sounding listen.

Before Sadisfaction, Nothing Better and Ultimately cap off the listening experience that has been We’re All Gonna F***ing Die end with aplomb. A memorable debut release.

Sick Joy – We’re All Gonna F***ing Die Full Track Listing:

1. Don’t Feel Like Dying
2. Talking to The Drugs
3. Stay Numb
4. Deep Dream
5. I’ve Got More Than I Need (And I Don’t Have Much)
6. Alive on The Inside
7. The Blood & The Bliss
8. Rich Hippies
9. Belly Aching Beast (Feat. Jamie Lenman)
10. Sadisfaction
11. Nothing Better
12. Ultimately


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Sick Joy - We're All Gonna F***ing Die (So Recordings)
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