Album Review: Shotgun Facelift – Dakota Blood Stampede (Eclipse Records)

Melodic groove metal band, Shotgun Facelift will release their brand-new album ‘Dakota Blood Stampede’ on December 17th, 2021 via Eclipse Records.

Groovy, energetic, fast-paced, heavy and filled with all manner of head-banging inducing moments. Shotgun Facelift are having some fun here and come screaming out of the blocks with the crunchy heavyweight, I Am. A track that has a thrash metal flavour but is balanced by groove-tastic guitars and some right snarling vocals.

With a bit more death metal infusion Famine and Bury Me kick all kinds of ass. Both tracks have a similar amount of killer groove and both have guitar solos, but it’s the latter that stands out more.

5 Dollar Bastard keeps the intensity high as the instruments stomps about and the vocals scream bloody murder. Mark of Cain is a maddening blast of ferocity, the title track’s odd effects at the start only serve to make the blast of groovy metal that follows all the more powerful, and Suicide Eyes delivers some melody amongst chaotic heaviness. The latter being the longest track, it’s also the one that showcases more depth to Shotgun Facelift’s sound.

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Not that it’s needed as the ‘balls out’ attack that is present throughout is more than enjoyable. However, it does show they have much more to them and that’s never a bad thing.

Stomping and pulverising their way to the end of the album, Shotgun Facelift continue to show just how strong their brand of heavy, groove-infused metal is with Pull the Trigger and Open Place to Bleed. Before wrapping a banger of an album up with From the Dirt. Such a satisfying finish it is too. An album that delivers satisfaction from beginning to end.

Shotgun Facelift – Dakota Blood Stampede Full Track Listing:

1. I Am
2. Famine
3. Bury Me
4. 5 Dollar Bastard
5. Mark of Cain
6. Dakota Blood Stampede
7. Suicide Eyes
8. Pull The Trigger
9. Open Place to Bleed
10. From The Dirt


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Shotgun Facelift - Dakota Blood Stampede (Eclipse Records)
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