Album Review: Seum – Double Double (Self Released)

Montreal three-piece doom-infused sludge band Seum will release their new album ‘Double Double’ on CD & vinyl on February 2nd, 2023. The follow-up to their band’s successful debut, Winterized.

If you don’t already know, what makes Seum a unique proposition in the metal world is that they only use drums, bass, and vocals. There are no guitars. Which is the perfect set-up for a band that deals in doomy sludge and certainly saw them turn some heads with their debut.

Heads that banged then and will continue to bang here, albeit that little harder, as Seum showcase a darker and heavier side to their sound. Double Double is moody, doomy, sludgy, groovy, and punky. All elements that sit extremely comfortably together, especially in the talented hands of Seum. The three-piece creating unrestrained, but cleverly controlled, heaviness that makes you gurn.

Perhaps the most surprising things about Double Double when compared to Winterized, is how the tempos shift and shimmer, and the punkier edge gives it much more groove. Though, the doomy sludgy undercurrent continues to be one of the most delightful things about this band.

One of the first highlights comes with the opener Torpedo. Where echoing fuzzy noise reverberates through the body, but the doomy groove ends up taking hold in joyful fashion.

Elsewhere, we get an injection of heavy pace and throat-tearing vocals from Snow Bird. Mood-altering sludgy gloom and rocking tempo shift from Dog Days. An elaborate and lengthy trawl through Seum’s wild imagination on Seum Noir. All making sure this is another unforgettable release from this band.

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Seum - Double Double (Self Released)
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