Album Review: Serpents – The Brimstone Clergy (War Anthem Records)

War Anthem Records is proud to present “The Brimstone Clergy” – the highly anticipated second release of Sweden’s Serpents! A northern trinity of unholy clerics, they return with a fierce fiery gospel of unrelenting Swedish black metal. Out on November 30th 2020.

Fire and fury is what Serpents deal in and although we have a short offering here, it’s so intense only scorched Earth will remain.

The tolling of a bell and sinister sounding dark melody gives way to an exposition of black metal on the opening track, Worship the Reprobate. The guitars coming in hard with the muscle of the drums and bass backing them up. It’s what gains the attention which allows the screeching ferocity of the vocals to sneak up and deliver a hefty punch to the back of the head.

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After that vehement start, there’s little time to take a breath as Serpents continue to go all out with End the Slavery of Being, Bring the Apocalypse and Shattered Paradise. Where brutality is key but the shifting tempos continue to offer freshness in a style of metal not always known for it. The middle of those three in particular is very pleasing as it slithers and slides its way into the brain matter.

Having the head curb-stomped over and over again, there’s momentary relief with the short melody of Interlude in B Minor. Before it’s back to business as usual for the finale of Requiem. Business that is weighted with quality riffs, thumping bass, drums and the most guttural of vocals. It’s a hell of a finish adding more layers to Serpents already well-formed offering.

Serpents – The Brimstone Clergy Full Track Listing:

1. Worship the Reprobate
2. End the Slavery of Being
3. Bring the Apocalypse
4. Shattered Paradise
5. Interlude in B Minor
6. Requiem


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Serpents - The Brimstone Clergy (War Anthem Records)
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