Album Review: Sepsis – Interdimensional Decay (Camo Pants Records)

Rotten through and through, ‘Interdimensional Decay’ is an album that exists solely in the old school realm and is packed with all the ignorant traits necessary to have all self-professed caveman banging their head in approval.

Drawing from the likes of early Carcass, Autopsy, and Exhumed, Sepsis have a knack for piecing together songs with all the sticking capability of botfly larvae and with all frills and displays of tech wizardry being cut away, the only remains are those most vital. Highly infectious song writing executed with brain haemorrhaging heaviness.

Formed in 2017, when most of the band had only started high school, Sepsis wasted no time putting together the ‘Twisted Remains’ demo tape and began playing shows around the greater California area.

Building on the bones of the initial raw demo recordings, ‘Interdimensional Decay’ showcases a huge amount of growth, with every aspect of the bands sound being taken up several levels, without ever straying from the initial bloody blueprint that helped them gain the attention of the old school death metal worshipping underworld.

‘Interdimensional Decay’ will be available on cassette and digital download from Camo Pants Records and Desert Wastelands Productions on October 25th 2019.

You wouldn’t know quite just how savage Sepsis’ debut is going to be based off the melodic twang on the intro, Descend Into Obscurity. However, any doubts of just how intense and in your face this album is going to be are banished completely once Brainsaw gets going.

The old school death vibes are strong here. Punishing heaviness, complexities within the riffs that turn heads and an undeniable level of brutality. Revulsion will be felt but there will be no turning away from it.

Like maggots crawling over a decomposing corpse, Facial Deformities churns the stomach. The darkness doesn’t just close in on Voidrot, it sweeps over and consumes before Reduced to Sludge and Decomposing Piles of Rot spray vomit worthy noise over everything.

There’s no sitting comfortably here. Sepsis have proven they have a strong ear for the chaotic nature of old-school death while also understanding how to make it more refined and modern. This alone makes it a worthy album within the genre but that it’s filled with some absolute barn-storming heavy tracks (Twisted Remains is a beast) is the icing on decaying body.

Sepsis – Interdimensional Decay Full Track Listing:

1. Descend Into Obscurity
2. Brainsaw
3. Perpetual Blood Vomit
4. Facial Deformities
5. Voidrot
6. Reduced To Sludge
7. Decomposing Piles Of Rot
8. Twisted Remains
9. Cryogenics
10. Cosmic Coffin


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Sepsis - Interdimensional Decay (Camo Pants Records)
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