Album Review: Second Sun – Kampen Går Vidare (Gaphals)

Kampen Går Vidare (The Struggle Continues) is the third full-length from the Stockholm-based group, Second Sun. The album is due to be released on Gaphals Records on November 6th 2020.

The album addresses the political convictions of an adult human being, from a blissful rebel, through phases of clarity of mind, uprising, eagerness in the spirit of change; to the hardened cynic, ridden with doubts of indifference and weariness of the world. These states of mind are familiar to most people, and sometimes these conflicting sensations can even have their firm grip on your body and mind, all at the same time.

Daringly dated, the rock stylings of Second Sun’s Kampen Går Vidare is ripped straight from the 70’s with a dash of the occult and a sprinkle of harder rock elements. That might be immediately worrisome for some but for most a 32-minute trip into the past will be quite welcome. Especially as Second Sun encapsulate the mystery, adventure and imagination of that era.

It’s got warmth and heart. You’ll have a good time listening to this record and Second Sun are certainly a talented bunch. Yes, it’s dated but it’s purposeful, which makes it at least understandable. Second Sun pay tribute to bygone eras of music in the best way possible.

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There is a disconnect though for those who are unable to understand the Swedish language. Considering the band say this is a concept album, it’s near impossible to be immersed into it. Even if the strength of the instrumentation more than makes up for the lack of understanding when it comes to the lyrics. It still manages to capture the imagination effectively.

Second Sun – Kampen Går Vidare Full Track Listing:

1. Sång om våren
2. Du är allt du har
3. Slå tillbaks
4. Attack
5. Kampen går vidare
6. Hatar det ändå
7. Vem ska bry sig
8. Om alla bara var mer som jag
9. Gör alltid ditt bästa för de du älskar


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Second Sun - Kampen Går Vidare (Gaphals)
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