Album Review: Screamer – Highway Of Heroes (The Sign Records)

Forged in steel in the dark woods of rural Sweden, Screamer flies their banner high! With their feet firmly planted in the deep traditions of Heavy Metal, Screamer never lose sight of what’s really important; good tunes, good brew and good times! ‘Cause with Screamer every night is Friday night and every Friday night deserves to be a party!

With a combination of straight-forward choruses of the likes of Dio, guitar works in the style of ‘Maiden or ‘Lizzy on speed and the pounding beat of Judas Priest, Screamer has carved out their very own essence of heavy metal that stands the test of time.

Highway of Heroes will be released on October 11th 2019 via The Sign Records.

The sum of their classic/traditional heavy metal influences, Screamer’s High of Heroes is a rollicking good time head-banger. High tempo riffing, screeching solos, thumping bass and drums with vocals that are ripped right out of yester-year.

Tracks like Ride On, Rider of Death, Halo and the title track have all the feel good ‘heavy’ of the old school. So much so that it seems a requirement to crack out the denim and hair-bands.

Not over-staying its welcome, Screamer stick to their name by screeching their way through 10 straight-forward and mostly short numbers. Ensuring a constant air of positivity surrounds their upbeat metal.

It’s not going to change the world of metal as we know it, but it’s not trying too. Instead it’s just top drawer riff-heavy metal that will appeal to all generations. If that isn’t a glowing recommendation for this album, I don’t know what is.

Screamer – Highway of Heroes Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Ride On
3. Shadow Hunter
4. Rider Of Death
5. Sacrifice
6. Halo
7. Highway Of Heroes
8. Out Of The Dark
9. Towers Of Babylon
10. Caught In Lies




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Screamer - Highway Of Heroes (The Sign Records)
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