Album Review: Scowl – How Flowers Grow (Flatspot Records)

Formed in 2019 and consisting of vocalist Kat, guitarist Malachi, bassist Bailey, and drummer Cole, hardcore band Scowl have been busy making a name for themselves with songs that are as reflective and dark as they are fun. A new addition to the Flatspot Records family, the label will be releasing their upcoming album How Flowers Grow on November 19th, 2021.

A short and pointed blast of hardcore noise, Scowl get in and get out with How Flowers Grow. Every track, bar one – the title track, coming in at under 2 minutes.

Zone out for even a second and you’ll miss something but thankfully, zoning out just isn’t something most will do. After all, Scowl have a sharpness that cuts through any brain malaise to get right to the core. From the building anticipation of Bloodhound that gets nasty in short order to the punchy no-nonsense beat of Dead to Me, the unmitigated fury of Pay Privilege Due and punkish snarl of Trophy Hunter, what Scowl are doing seems straight-forward enough.

…and then you hit Seeds to Sow, where things go a bit differently.

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Suddenly, we get something with a pop-punk flavour. Super-chilled with mellow, clean vocals. It’s inexplicably different to what we’ve heard so far but in a good way. Showing that Scowl have a few more strings to their bow.

It’s back to the pacey hardcore though with the wild sound of Idle Roaring Room, the heated blast of noise that is Fuck Around, the mean mugging that Roots delivers and the more methodical hard rock blast that is Four Walls.

Again, Scowl showing there is more to them than just ‘hardcore’. Apt though, as the finale and longest track, goes for a straight-forward aggressive blast. one to guarantee you remember that what Scowl are so good at, is still the focus.

Scowl – How Flowers Grow Full Track Listing:

1. Bloodhound
2. Dead to Me
3. Pay Privilege Due
4. Trophy Hunter
5. Seeds to Sow
6. Idle Roaring Room
7. Fuck Around
8. Roots
9. Four Walls
10. How Flowers Grow


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Scowl - How Flowers Grow (Flatspot Records)
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